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…is the spice of life – could be a phrase to precede any of the many passions we have on this earth. For me, that preceding noun would have to be, “VARIETY“. And MUSIC would definitely be at the forefront. Oh yes, that would be a variety of music too. So that’s obviously what you’d get by visiting/following/subscribing to my world as I find the time to periodically update you on my gigs, amongst other things. But since I don’t live n’ breathe music, you’d also get some interesting updates/posts on…well, a variety of other spices: food spots, bars, concerts, cool/hip events, politics, fashion, travels, photography, art, social trends and globally sensitive topics…find that all on my blog, over on tumblr! I’m now based in NY (Brooklyn baby!), but used to live, rule n’ terrorize here

Marlon Regis AKA Mr. Marlon is writer/blogger for the renown Huffington Post and mans his incredible *music-biased* n’ lifestyle blog. He’s also done some really professional copywriting work for Guess, Inc. as a freelancer (samples below) + for a short stint, handled some more of those copywriter duties (samples below) at the world renown Ketchum agency once he settled in NYC. He’s an ex-music columnist/editor for The Beat Magazine’s “Musical Murder” column for 10 years (1997-2007); a previous staff writer for HipHopSite.Com (1996-2006); once a music reviewer staple as part of the BPM Magazine team; and was the music editor for Unleashed Magazine (2005-2007) before its collapse. He’s also been a music programming consultant for 2 Specialty channels @DMX Music Inc. for 10 years (1998-2008) helping construct a custom Sean John Channel for their SJ flagship store on 5th Avenue in NYC, and for their Reggae channel worldwide; many of his stories, reviews and features have also been published as a regular contributing writer to Rolling Stone, The Source, Vibe, URB, Upscale, Rappages, ATM (UK), Jahworks.org, Earplug.cc, HipHopDX.com, Rap Sheet etc. He’s also contributed to UK’s Colorful Times and under the alias DJ Pelau, he was once a weekly staple/resident DJ @The Standard HotelRooftop Bar & Pool’ Downtown LA in its heyday for 3 years (2005-2008); he’s also produced and co-supervised some unique themed-compilations for Australian label, Petrol Records and continues to DJ throughout LA n’ beyond privately, for music festivals, special events or wherever his immaculate, diverse taste in music requires him to travel…

EMAIL ME for SOME of MY past PUBLISHED works + copywriter samples (just click on link) + social media snippet posts below






bookshelf (Ketchum)

Gen Z (Ketchum)


Presentation16 Awards round-up (Ketchum)



Guess-Page 1, Spring/Summer Festivals (Guess, Inc.)

Guess-Page 2, Spring/Summer Festivals (Guess, Inc.)

Priyanka Chopra-Page 1, Spring Campaign (Guess, Inc.)

Priyanka Chopra-Page 2, Spring Campaign (Guess, Inc.)

Priyanka Chopra-Page 3, Spring Campaign (Guess, Inc.)

Priyanka Chopra-Page 4, Spring Campaign (Guess, Inc.)

Priyanka Chopra-Page 5, Spring Campaign (Guess, Inc.)

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