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☟ BELOW are JUST some of MY past DJ gigs ♫



Companies: NYC Mural Arts Project, The Dream Center, Good Vibes in the Park.

Type: Public (over 400 registrants)

Location: Harlem!

Brief Description: Incredible weather on a Saturday in NYC, 78 degrees fine outside! And with that atmosphere, in nature and for a good cause to raise mental health awareness as well as encourage the public to eradicate the stigma/shame attached to mental health, DJ Pelau wasted no time when the power finally got sparked up! An event orchestrated by the likes of NYC Mural Arts Project, The Dream Center and Good Vibes in the Park, this was a Harlem affair that Pelau had to escape his Brooklyn confines, to delight all ears while on deck.

From his summery one-drop/rub-a-dub reggae in the beginning, to his blends of amapiano, house and bounce edits, it was obvious his palate for the best music fitted perfectly with all those wonderful colors used by the 100s of painters on hand to finish the beautiful mural. About every 15mins, someone left their paint station to give love to the DJ, and he even had Harlem locals dancing, snapping tiktok/instagram videos of him and his music to solidify the day as one ideal for being outside in the park…


Event: SocoLounge*Beats & Bubbles Brunch*

Company: SocoBK

Type: Public/Residency

Location: Clinton Hill, BK

Brief Description: Back on the block, 2yrs+ after the pandemic, dj pelau makes the return to welcome weekend brunch-ers to sip, listen and chillax in the lounge, before or after brunching next door at the restaurant, continuing part of a long-awaited DJ residency involving booooooze, vibes and of course, food — a great southern comfort cuisine! @SocoBK.


A one-off, pre-tasteful bouquet of love songs in Soco Lounge (above) for this private Valentine’s Day ♥️ event. Music provided by dj pelau, of course.


HEAR THIS (a UK-based electronic music dj & producer pool + promotional service) Presents #002: “In The Mix: DJ Pelau” – their February 2023 mix by yours truly, that slaps the hip-house, garage, amapiano, dancehall & chill mash-ups to melt away the purple snow…

Event: “The Business of Black Hair” by Design & Dialogue, CFDA + Soho House NY.

Type: Private ~ by Invite Only

Location/Date: Soho House (NY) – 11.04.22

Design & Dialogue x CFDAConversations with Creatives” was yet another super-insightful look into the fashion world, through the lens of two stalwart figures in the hairstyling world — Ursula Stephen (Rihanna, Kerry Washington, Vogue, etc) and Naeemah LaFond (Tracee Ellis Ross, Elle, WWD, etc). DJ Pelau opened the evening up to the incoming invited guests, with his chill-vibe of soulful R&B, sucrose afrobeats and sprinkled a taste of his typcal ‘un-shazamable’ tunes, versions you’ll never hear on traditional radio. As guests sipped on sponsored complimentary wines from Michael Lavelle Wines, the eve shaped into full house, no pun in’!

A discussion about the Business of Black Hair and the career journeys of Hairstylists Ursula Stephen and Naeemah LaFond, moderated by Dionne Cochrane.

After the vibrant, bubbling w/laughter knowledge was shared in the incredible in-depth Q&A dialogue, hosted by a quite competant Dionne Cochrane, it was let-loose time. Selector Pelau wasted no time w/his dancehall bangers, sexy soca and high-energy amapiano that had the ‘stush’ crowd vibin’ for their picture-taking, and even had them dancing non-stop for an hour or two, ’til close to midnight! Grab “The Biz of Black Hair” playlist on Spotify, which he put together for all invited guests, to remember the event. A Friday eve well enjoyed, indeed..

airplane in mid air above trees during day

Photo by Tom Cattini on Pexels.com

Where: “Reggae Beach” (Ibiza, España)

What: ‘Reggae Beach Ibiza‘ Closing (season) Party!

Who: NO BAD DAYZ aka only +positive vibes+ peeps, on a waterfront/beach your body would salivate for to take a dip in. DJ Pelau, invited to spin as part of a line-up of djs flying in from across the world, to end the seasonal ‘Reggae Beach’ summer, felt easily at home within this outdoor, int’l atmos.

yachts docked on ibiza marina harbor

Photo by Martina Amaro on Pexels.com

Other Djs, mostly from across Europe, played from Friday-to-Sunday, with Pelau grabbing the primetime, sunset slot on Saturday. Pics! His usual excellence, difference and unexpected killa set of reggae exploring atypical fusions of afrobeat, soul and hip-hop, alongside some traditional roots gems, on the beach in Ibiza? Classico.. ⛱️


What: Labor Day Weekend (Saturday Night) in BK!

Public Event: “Rhythm & Beats” feat. Dj Pelau

Location: Roger’s Garden/Flatbush, BK

Why: an eager, festive and no nonsense (about their tropical music of reggae/dancehall, soca, afrobeats y Latin Caribbean vibes) crowd, dancing indoors and mingling outdoors. This rum bar serves up heavy-handed cocktails. Dj Pelau wasted no time from 9p ’til close to 2a, lacing the majority outta towners of 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation Caribbean-Americans with heated gems that would’ve made any limbo dancer think twice before dipping that low! High-energy, nocturnal tropicale tunes to make you forget you had plans for the next day…trust! The night saw soca royalty Bunji Garlin and wife, Fay-Ann Lyons swing through to show Pelau some much-expected ♡…


An obsession mixtape titled, “Purple Stain” where my hand-picked music selections represent the regal, royal & kingly sounds that my ear identifies with the color P💜RPLE…enjoy. Find me a fitting event.



Event: “The World Of Chris Collins” by Design & Dialogue.

Type: Private ~ by Invite Only

Location: Ludlow House (L.E.S.) – N.Y.C.

Always an intimate, one of a kind setting, when Design & Dialogue curate an evening featuring an esteemed creative. In this case, no different as the Ludlow House hosted 20yr-Ralph Lauren top model Chris Collins, who’s perfume line – a high-end, luxury brand of his namesake and themed after his collections such as ‘Harlem Renaissance’, ‘Dark Romance’ & others, saw DJ Pelau set the evening’s soundscapes with jazz, nu soul, funk and influences of bebop, swing and blues, morphed into modern genres of rap, afrobeats and house music, all to the backdrop of a perfume cocktail bar. Even themed drinks and light bites complimented the eve.. A Harlem band, ‘The Rakeim Walker Project‘ also rocked after the Q.&A., with Mannie Fresh (of ‘Cash Money Millionaires’ fame) much to the surprise of those on hand, joining in on the mjc before DJ Pelau closed the evening out with lots of amapiano, future beats + dancehall! Oh what a nite!


Event: 🦩“Good Vibes Party!”🌴

Type: Public

Location: Marseilles Beachfront (Miami) Hotel.

What a mofo successful destination party event, one that was so tropical! We NYkers def conquered Miami for the weekend, ask somebody in a bikini! From the brainchild, Ayoinmotion & his DJ Pelau, along with creative designers and 3 other DJs to rock from 5p-12a midnight, the build-up, leading to this was slow, but the realization of what this could potentially be just a few weeks before, exploded beyond  our wildest expectations to being sold out! Dj Pelau’s set as usual slapped & the afrobeats vibe captured a setting that even locals said, has never happened in a gathering as such to date. We did it. Peep pics HERE.


Event: “Miles Regis (live!) Collector’s Soiree”

Type: Private ~ by Invite Only

Location: Nautilus (by Arlo) HotelMiami Art Week.

A very intimate affair, held at the Nautilus (by Arlo) Hotel on South Beach, artist extraordinaire Miles Regis hosted a sunset sip, live art painting event in a private room/suite overlooking South Beach’s shores, while his art display of several original pieces graced the walls of the hotel lobby downstairs. DJ Pelau, in typical fashion, set the mood, kept the vibe and inspired his brother to continue painting his masterpiece throughout the night…


Event: “Omí (music video) Launch Party!”💧

Type: Private ~ by Invite Only

Location: (Dumbo) Brooklyn.

K, this launch event was bananas! Not so much in the wild, jungle way — but everyone accounted for inside the swanky, maritime hidden gem in Dumbo, vibed out to Dj Pelau’s every selection from the 1s & 2s, ALL. NIGHT. LONG. What was supposed to last from 7-10p, went way past midnight! A collective collab by artist Ayoinmotion, yours truly and team of creatives that curated the space to fit the ‘blue’ themed room to match the music video, “Omì”. Pics HERE!


Mixtape Alert!

Title: “Parfum × Pelau {ii}”

Link: click

Mixtape 5_scene_alt 2.1Mixtape Alert!

Title: “PLAY

Curated by: Poetandthebench.com


Event: “Good Vibes In The Park”

Where: St. Nicholas Park

Type: Public

Location: HARLEM.

What a wonderful way to end the summer: outdoors, in a very green park, free, sunny, great people, uh..um.. fantastic music! Nothing but #goodvibes! As always, Dj Pelau revved up early afternoon chill & tropical tunes, setting the day up to be the perfect relaxation pill. As the afternoon proceeded, including yoga/meditation by Negesti into more festive, energetic house + afrobeat music, host/artist @Ayoinmotion grabbed the mic, freestyling to grooves by Dj Pelau, keeping the good vibes flowing past (way past!) sunset…


Event: Summer Feels

Where: The Art of Grooming (Backyard).

Type: Public

Location: (Bed-Stuy) BROOKLYN.

A highly successful (pop-up) event titled “Summer Feels” w/4 DJs LIVE, sprinkling such dif styles and patterns to a scene of Brooklyn’s finest, who stayed from start (4p), to finish (past midnight)! Host ‘Mo The Barber‘ curated a well-orchestrated showcase of musical maestros, including DJs Internal Affairs, Greg J, Richard Boroughs, Monday Blue n’, moi?! Who else! From the edible/infused chef giving us his NASA assignment via free brownies, delicious mac & cheese + even meatballs, to the bar serving up the wickedest rum punches we’re all still recovering from, this is only the tip of summer and what this beautiful, intimate space is gonna offer in the future! Stay tuned for more…


Event: “Hot Vax Summer Rooftop Party!”💉🔥

Type: Private ~ by Invite Only

Location: (Lower East Side) Manhattan

Kicking off the weekend of 2021 NYC’s 1st post-pandemic summer, a rooftop overlooking (lower) Manhattan”s skyline is what the CDC forgot to list in their recommendations! Hosts Aaron + Pat aka Mr. FOMO, as he’s affectionately known (literally the guy that invented the term/concept “FOMO”), roped in Dj Pelau to do the honors for their annual rooftop bash! From just after sunset ’til after midnight, a playlist as diverse as the scene of fashionista-types, tech dudes, int’l models n’ industry folks, blended jams from Weezer, TV on the Radio n’ Bee Gees to Biggie, Burna Boy, Pharrell n’ Sister Sledge! A non-stop bashment as pelau even dug into hits from ’90s hip-hop era, R&B remix edits and classic house gems!👇🏾


Screenshot_20210702-001634_Thumbtack Pro

~ “The Chill… Up!” was birthed from the 2020 lockdown + pandemic, due to the Covid-19. An “iG Live!” online platform to continue my DJing, but safely video-streamed into your homes via cellphone, tablet & laptop. We cooked, shed positive light, popped many bottles of delicious lambrusco n’ yours truly played the gems that kept so many of our already isolated listeners locked into music to soothe, dance to & give them hope. It was surely bittersweet session-after-session, in one of the most bizarre times of our lives…


Event: SocoLounge*Boozy Brunch* SocoBK

Company: SocoBK

Type: Public/Residency

Location: Clinton Hill, BK

Brief Description: A post-pandemic test in 2020, dj pelau made his debut on the newly designed “Sky Deck” as a continuing part of a special DJ residency involving food — a great southern comfort cuisine! @SocoBK.

Event: NYE Bash!

Companies: Putnam’s Pub

Type: Public

Location: (Clinton Hill) Brooklyn

One of the neighborhood’s best for drinks, brunch n’ one-off ‘underground’ events, Putnam’s as it’s affectionately known as, roped in Dj Pelau to do the honors for their yearly NYE Bash! Held in their swanky, underground basement, before 10p as folks had dinner above, the basement was buzzing w/revelers awaiting the countdown to 2020. Sippin’ on cocktails, listening to grooves and revving up before the count…5, 4, 3, 2, 1…HNY! From just past midnight ’til 3a, it was a non-stop frolic as pelau dished all the hits from ’19!


Companies: A Cav+Pelau BAsH.

Type: Public

Location: (Bed-Vyne Brew) Brooklyn

Here’s a Friday night of LIVE music +plus DJs!! Kicking off my  1st installment of a night of live music, showcasing some talent you may or may not be aware of, right in your BK hood. In the future, we hope to bring more talented artists who reside here in BK, or in NYC & even internationally-based. Comrade Cav (UK/BK) is your host with the most! 5/31 checkout Crooklyn recording artist/creator: Thomas Piper @LIVE FORM. Of course I’m DJing, alongside other DJs Hey Essay (UK) + Jahmedicine (BK), plus outside in this beautiful weather, if you get hungry after being so stimulated, there’s a jerk man, mon.

Event: It’s A School Night!

Companies: Chris Douridas (KCRW), School Night!, DICE.

Type: Public

Location: (AvalonH’wood

One of the country’s best, most ground-breaking n’ highly successful (weekly) LIVE showcase of indie artists, “It’s A School Night” shifts to a more massive space, Avalon in H’wood for it’s biggest show of 2019. Oh, moi?? I’m lacing-up some new tracks for my opening (DJ) set, before indie standouts Valentina (her LA debut!), COASTCITY, Chelsea Jade + Arms Akimbo (for their EP release) rock, groove n’ do da do!


Event: SocoLounge*Boozy Brunch* SocoBK

Company: SocoBK

Type: Public/Residency

Location: Clinton Hill, BK

Brief Description: Ongoing throughout the year, dj pelau gets to be part of a special DJ residency involving food — a great, southern comfort cuisine! @SocoBK, the excellent fried chicken w/their signature red velvet waffles is king, plus+ creative cocktails, w/him providing the soundtrack at least four times a month — either on a Saturday/Sunday ‘brunch time’ or setting the mood in the newly added Soco Lounge (next door), which is a private affair. A perfect atmosphere (w/out dancing) that anyone can dine w/a date, chill at the bar n’ mingle, or gather your large groups of close ones to celebrate life to the fullest while a soundtrack filled w/all veins of soul makes for the best memories.

Event: NYE @ RisboBK

Company: RisboBK

Type: Private Invite

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Brief Description: For the young who get that standing up in a line amongst strangers, is NOT cool! NYE partying used to be as such, esp in the shit-faced, drunk haunts of the city (Manhattan). On this night, in an intimate (almost hidden) space/restaurant called Risbo, the doors were opened to anyone who just knew they were invited. A fancy way to say, it was FREE. But if you’re out of their loop, you’d never know. And who knows how to pop champagne better than the French? A gathering of all ethnicities, nationalities and colorful faces from near and far, grooved to the opening set (7-10p) from DJ Michelle Q, then DJ Pelau closed the night that lasted w/dancing ’til 4a! Even the chef/owner had no choice but to show his dance moves as the celebration into the new year 2019 moved from a conga line, to a soul train line, to a carnival lime and into a dancehall bashment!


Company: Art Basel.

Type: Private Invite/Derrick Adams (Host)

Location: South Beach/Urbanica The Meridian Hotel

Brief Description: Basel Bye” was the closing party hosted by none other than artist extraordinaire, Derrick Adams for Art Basel/Miami Art Week 2018, with dj pelau laying down tracks that saw a crowd of art movers n’ shakers gather, before most flew back out the next morning. Brother, Miles Regis had no issue in remaining with hundreds of other artists, industry types + eye candy who passed through to mingle, network n’ vibe to 3hrs+ of dope music! The indoor/outdoor ‘minibar‘ and rooftop pool was swarming w/fashionista-types and trendy patrons. Opening the evening was co-host/DJ April Hunt, who as always w/her team puts on an event that attracts a scene that makes you forget there’s a million other cool events happening at the same time. Who cares, when the music’s fresh + the scene is unbelievably TRULY cool.

Event: The LIME

Company: Question Mark Entertainment

Type: Private (By Invite Only) Event

Location: Hollywood, CA

Brief Description: The night was incredible vibes, in the heart of H’wood, despite the damp weather! Orchestrated by QME, Simon Baptiste n’ his kick-ass team were grateful to invite dj pelau to fly-in from NYC to his old stomping grounds, to induce his sweet, tropical sounds to open a night filled with sponsored (open bar) liquor, compliments Angostura, food galore compliments Callaloo Caribbean Kitchen + of course, to top it off, a high octane festive performance by Kes! What a night, as sprinkles of celebrities such as “Black Panther’sWinston Duke, actor/comedian Gerry Bednob of “40 Year Old Virgin“, actor/producer Luis Guzman, artist/singer Miles Regis, +many more movers, shakers and tastemakers of the Los Angeles entertainment scene danced, networked (as always!) n’ of course, lime-d. Oh what a night…next up, London? Or, is it NYC?

~ excludes weddings & some other private events out of respect for privacy ~

Event: SoCoBK *Boozey Brunch* Saturday’s

Company: SocoBK

Event: SoCoBK *After-Work* Friday’s

Company: SocoBK

Event: SoCoBK *After-Work* Friday’s

Company: SocoBK



Company: Art Noir Co.

Type: Private Invite

Location: Miami Beach/Ricky’s South Beach

Brief Description: What a party to close Art Basel/Miami Art Week, with dj pelau laying down tracks that saw celebrity art standouts such as Derrick Adams n’ even his very own brother, Miles Regis, to actors such as Jesse Williams, bopping their heads to 3hrs+ of vibe-music, many ditching the ‘cool stance’ to dance the Sunday eve away way past sunset. Ricky’s South Beach was the spot, and packed with fashion, art, music + hospitality professionals clashing (in the sexiest way), no one left til the finalé! Brought to you by Art Noir Co. and orchestrated by this awesome cat n’ his crew, this is actually the 10th year of Art Basel that he’s put on such a successful closing. Every year it builds more n’ more of a buzz, so already we can’t wait for yet another great bash in ’18!


Company: MiaBea House

Type: Private Invite

Location: South Beach, Miami

Brief Description: Touch Down Miami! No, not the ‘Dolphins’ but for the annual art frenzy known as Art Basel/Miami Art Week, dj pelau gave the Thursday evening into night the best dose of music, honoring the elite/who’s who of black artists in America– namely Derrick Adams, Hank Willis Thomas, Wardell Milan & Mickalene Thomas, as well as also being part of the official launch party for the new MiaBea House. These are the types of events he shines best, as the creative types assemble, drink, mingle n’ listen to enjoy w/an open ear to music that’s not necessarily familiar, yet is begging the questions (Shazam doesn’t usually work with his unique jams!), who sings this? Or, what’s that track yo!?!

Event: SoCoBK *After-Work* Friday’s

Company: SocoBK

Type: Public/Reoccurring “Residency”

Location: Clinton Hill, BK

Brief Description: It’s not often dj pelau gets to be part of a residency involving food — good, southern comfort food! Maaaan… @SocoBK we’re talking excellent fried chicken, signature red velvet waffles, or shrimp n’ lobster over grits! Well, of course the music he plays on a bi-weekly basis is gonna be a reflection of the soul put into the cuisine, so for 3hrs and to a packed house, he’ll dig deep south into his crate for selections to smother thick, gravy-rich gems for all to sip (the “hibiscus margarita” is his favorite!) n’ bite to.

Event: “Essential, Music and Art Show

Company: Arts in Bushwick: Brooklyn Open Studios

Type: Public

Location: Bushwick, BK

Brief Description: dj pelau closed the art event out with sprinkles of D n’ B, and chill-out grooves, before folks headed out to the many after-parties + late-night fetes throughout Bushwick as part of the weekend’s spread of Brooklyn Open Studios. What an interesting gathering of art n’ people aka “characters” to spin tunes for. Everyone had an open mind!

Event: “Future Stack NY

Company: INVNT

Type: Private

Location: ‘Midtown’, Manhattan

Brief Description: No need to expound too much on this VERY corporate event, where dj pelau‘s tropical tunes brightened up the work-pace into a more fun, relaxed n’ reception/cocktail hour. Big Ups to INVNT for booking 😉

bulletinEvent: “Bulletin.co Soho Launch Party

Company: Bulletin.co

Type: Private

Location: Soho, NY

Brief Description: This was def! Hands down one of dj pelau‘s wickedest sets for an atmosphere of creative movers n’ shakers in that ever bustling Soho ‘hood, where many unfortunately were turned off (sorry!) by the longest line wrapping around as far as Houston leading to Bulletin.co’s new digs @138 Wooster St. Officially opening its doors w/a launch party, which yes included an open ‘sponsored’ bar of Svedka Vodka, Wölffer Rosé n’ beer galore, more seemed like the party of the year w/over 2800 RSVPs! And many indeed turned up n’ stayed ’til the very end. Bulletin.co you guysgals sure know how to throw a bash! Pics too, n’ here’s a snippet video, compliments of Man Laï Events!

sohoretailersEvent: “Soho Assemblé

Company: Soho Strut

Type: Private

Location: Soho, NY

Brief Description: Seems like the music vibe of Dj Pelau is a hit in Soho! Not surprising, since he’s himself such a creative writer and also has a keen eye on fashion. Soho Assemblé presented by Soho Strut, was an event/party especially for the retail personnel of Soho, w/open bar in a swanky space in what used to house the old American Apparel store on Spring n’ Greene. Check back to see pics, or even video footage from what turned out to be a fabulous gathering of the Soho retail community snapping, networking, knocking back a few (OK, a lil’ more than a few!) cocktails and of course vibin’ to the diverse sounds of musical maestro, Marlon ‘dj pelau‘ Regis, who turned the temperature way lit after 7:30p!


Event: “The Green Runway”

Company: Izavel Varela

Type: Public

Location: Farm Soho, NY

Brief Description: A totally sustainable fashion event in Soho, Izavel Varela designer and event organizer Isabel, who produced a Fall 2016 Sustainable Capsule Collection & EcoWear Line Zero-waste Event on Dec 9, ’16. Held at the Farm Soho, her goal was to revolutionize sustainable fashion and celebrate diversity by hosting an entirely eco-friendly and zero-waste fashion event with notable eco-friendly beverage brand “Up Mountain Switchel,” weaving studio and healing arts center “The Weaving Hand,” Indian restaurant “OM” & of course, the sounds of Dj Pelau w/tunes marinating throughout Friday eve in the heart of Soho, beforeduring + after the fashion show, which included veteran-models provided by Prowess Veteran Modeling Agency! Couldn’t beat the various twists on this exclusive event, and here’s the pics to prove what we ALL beautifully experienced.


Event: “It’s A School Night NYC

Company: Chris Douridas (KCRW) + MFG + SoundExchange

Type: Public

Location: Baby’s All Right!


Brief Description: warming up this very ‘indie’ music scene at one of Brooklyn’s dopiest music locations, Baby’s All Right, is no easy task! But leave it up to dj pelau — on a Monday night at that (after Thanksgiving weekend), for “It’s A School Night!” where the focus is really the live bands, to get the drinks flowing at the bar, luring a dinner party from their seats/tables onto the bar area to start a full-on dance party from 10p-12a! WHILE the bands were playing at that! It’s nights like this folks prefer to go out during the week, rather than the weekend full of guido-filled, annoying novices + unnecessary traffic! Pics here!


Event: “Next of Kin

Company: Soho Strut & Kin Spaces

Type: Public

Location: Soho, NY

Brief Description: give dj pelau the keys to reading a crowd, music-matching and satisfying  everyone at an event, especially one put on by Soho Strut, a community blog serving Soho exclusively n’ on a mission to connect people who live & work in that ‘hood. Thursday, Sept 15th from 6-9pm was no different, for Soho’s most connected networking party at Kin Spaces – 442 Broadway. Drinks were definitely flowing, and catered food devoured by all the networking people who came to support this launch party. Conversations were inspiring, creative + smart, with an atmosphere made quite festive by the international attendance of folks, hip music n’ of course, liquor sponsors: Luc Belaire & Gin Lane!

Company: Soho Strut & The Lofts At Prince

Type: By Invite Only

Location: Soho, NY

Brief Description: dj pelau eased them up on his more lounge-atmospheric offering of music for the majority of this networking event, where two Soho powerhouses came together! Soho Strut, a community blog serving Soho exclusively, joined forces with The Lofts At Prince, a realty entity that hosts about 300 events per year! Even though rain came down to squash things on the rooftop for about 30mins, the majority of the evening — especially since it was completely SOLD OUT,  saw tons of BBQ, exquisite hand-made cocktails, desserts to die for and of course music by the 1 n’ only…lots of pics here!

Oona's Flyer 6-22Event: “Smart Beer Launch Party

Company: Smart Beer & Von Bar

Type: By Invite Only

Location: Noho, NY

Brief Description: dj pelau got the tunes flowing just in time for that open bar (9-10p) hour for the Smart Beerofficial launch party, where it got packed in a matter of minutes! These are the events he lives for, where before the drunkenness starts showing it’s hilarious head, no one ever comes up to ask for a request – but instead, everyone who comes up is asking: what song was that you just played!?!? Perfect atmosphere to lead the scene with his incredible music collection, taste and foresight into his forté – crowd reading!

sipndipResidency: “Sip + Dip

Company: Bed-Vyne Cocktail


Location: Brooklyn, NY

Brief Description: Summertime brings a lot of things, including this welcomed monthly residency for dj pelau every 1st Friday, who debuted his summer residency @Cocktail! The neighborhood of Bed-Stuy is lightly-gentrified, heavily-cultured and moderately-flashy! Makes for a perfect Friday night mix of all sorts, who shed the stress of this tough city’s work week by absorbing the delightful mixologists’ concoctions from the decorated cocktail bar together w/the exquisite tunes of funk, soul, afrobeat, hip-hop, soulful house & of course, reggae + soca! He wouldn’t have it any other ‘spread love the BK‘ way!!

HSVEvent: “The Pajama Party & Ice Cream Social

Companies: Heroes & Super Villains/SOULICIOUS (Burning Man Camp)


Location: Harlem, NY

Brief Description: This was a Burning Man party alright – just instead of the desert, NYC was the terrain – a brownstone mansion at that. Mad Max theatrics of steel n’ wood were replaced w/everyone in pajamas! But the festiveness ran wild from 8p-3a n’ after, as dj pelau put down some serious sounds to get a surprising flash-mob of burlesque dancers getting down before the clock hit midnight! The house music session had sinners turned into worshipers — something his alter welcomed, as his cross-fader blessed them w/bass lines of bread, coupled w/vocals of aged red wine. As they begged…Lord Have Mercy!


Event: “Cinco Strut

Companies: Rayela (duplex loft)


Location: Lower East Side/SOHO

Brief Description: You know if Cinco De Mayo falls on a Thursday, in NYC, the anticipation to drink & celebrate — even if it has no significance to your heritage, is always 100! Well, it happened, and before it even started, there was a line wrapped around the block at 6p, for entry to this 7-10p “Cinco Strut” event, where dj pelau put so many spices in the enchilada bowl of mixes, he had a few fans gyrating right in front of his dj set up ’til after close. Open bar, food galore and a full house (did U click for pics?!?) was only complimented by his music, which hit them harder than the naturally flavored tequila!

J&NEvent: “Engagement Party”

Companies: Allegria Hotel (rooftop)


Location: Long Beach (Long Island, NY)

Brief Description: Normally we wouldn’t post such private affairs, but the love, music and sexy atmosphere in the air was so intoxicating, the permission to post this was a repeated request by all those involved! The 4hr event couldn’t have happened on a more gorgeous day in the beginning of spring in NY (Long Beach to be exact), from the Penthouse suite and poolside rooftop overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and boardwalk. From old timers rock n’ roll, to classic rock n’ soul and familiar Top 40 pop, reggae grooves n’ sunny hip-hop beats, the first stage of this love-match made in heaven was a resounding hit!


Event: “Corporate Party”

Companies: Republic


Location: BONDST (NY, NY)

Brief Description: For the 2nd year in a row, from 10p-2a (not withstanding the small intermission for some expensive raffle-prizes) Dj Pelau rocked the staff of Union Square’s staple, Republic! At the swanky, high-end Bondst sushi hot spot (in the The Lounge) — with liquor, sushi rolls and more than one can eat, dancing feet won the night as he put down Top 40 tunes from the likes of Beyoncé, Future n’ The Weeknd, to the throwback jams from No Doubt, Fleetwood Mac n’ Barry White! It got messy, sexy & beyond tipsy!


Event: “Grand Opening Pop Up Shop

Companies: VARIOUS♀♂ items…
Type: Public

Location: Jersey City, NJ

Brief Description: With a tag line “you’re going to get so drunk, you’re guaranteed to shop ’til you drop”, the atmosphere of great people, supreme beats by dj pelau, tons of unique designer gifts (Deen BoutiqueJust Jenny’s LoveRepublic of PigtailsCaviar NoirThe Lucky Honey BeeHill&VelezLeroy Jenkins Ltdand a pig on a leash (yes you read that right), one didn’t even need to get tipsy to feel themselves! Even though open to the public, this one felt private — private as in every stranger felt like a comfortable friend, every vendor felt like you’re supporting a good person, or cause. Artists really get it. Creativity is truly intelligence at play…


Event: “Jersey City Artist Studio Tour

Companies: Leroy Jenkins Ltd.
Type: Public

Location: Jersey City, NJ

Brief Description: With the music, provided by Dj Pelau of course, he spun for 3 hours straight alongside drummer extraordinnaire, Reggie Quinerly, Jr. The early afternoon setting w/fabric, fashion and fabulous home items decorated the loft space as strangers vs friends stopped in for the studio tour, compliments artist/designer Ron J (Leroy Jenkins Ltd). Beats by Pelau — of all rhythms, propelled Reggie on the drums to match each pattern, making the atmosphere incredibly stimulating to the ear as well as eye! By the evening, the loft was packed in w/all types of creatives. Here’s a video sample right here!

Street Art Strut

Event: “Street Art Strut

Companies: Soho Strut
Type: Public

Location: L.E.S, NYC

Brief Description: Despite the downpour of rain, today’s “Street Art Strut” event in NYC’s edgy Lower East Side neighborhood, brought out hundreds. Of course, what would be a kick-ass art event — including 7 different artists’ art on display, without a great cocktail bar and fitting music, provided by Dj Pelau of course. And don’t forget for a great cause, to help the homeless – ACE. With gift bags, open bar and specialty art pieces for auction, Dj Pelau as always, created the perfect soundtrack to accompany the palette of these pre-NYFW creatives, who’re pounding the NYC pavement to keep creative, rain or shine!

diptyque invite

Event: “Saint-Germain meets Nolita”

Companies: diptyque nolita

Type: Public

Location: Nolita/Soho, NYC

Brief Description: A two-day marathon event celebrating the 34 Bazaar Collection launch party for Diptyque‘s “Saint-Germain meets Nolita” in NYC, Dj Pelau spun throughout the evening on Thursday to a spill of people onto Mott street, w/lots nibblin’ on neighborhood pizza n’ sippin’ on specialty cocktails infused w/jalepeno-tequila, vodka and more, while on Friday — during the day, a somewhat mellow-er repeat brought a brunch theme of ! Toms coffee, French pastries, watermelon mimosas! DJ’d atmosphere galantly clashing with all those marvellous scents from Paris makes for a great party, guaranteed.


Event: “It’s A School Night (LA)!”

Companies: Chris Douridas (KCRW), School Night!

Type: Public

Location: (Bardot) H’wood

Brief Description: DJ Pelau strikes again! After a hectic Grammys weekend in Los Angeles, this post-Grammys “School Night” was the perfect icing on the cake of music shows, events n’ galas he’d attended, as well as spun for. Bands tonight were tight, so Dj Pelau had to even be tighter, which made him create a dancefloor atmosphere by the time 11p hit! Lots of industry spill-over, lots of newness music-wise, n’ lots of fans for these up n’ coming acts who included: Alex Vargas, Mike Taylor, Dru Chen & Tom Vek! All in all, alongside Rush Midnight, Dj Pelau on a Monday night inside Bardot, made it seem like the weekend had just started! Don’t hesitate to relive this night w/some sweet pics!


Event: “Holiday Party

Companies: Republic/ACME/Indochine


Location: ACME (NY, NY)

Brief Description: DJ Pelau controlled (musically) the entire night, from 10p-2a w/a small break for some hefty company giveaways, raffle-prizes n’ yes, Xmas gift exchanges! The staff @Republic is so busy during the actual holiday break in Decmeber, they themselves couldn’t gather to celebrate their “holiday” party ’til late Jan ’15. So owner Jean-Marc Houmard threw a fab bash for them @ACME (downstairs) — another one of his possessions, hired Dj Pelau + the results were: girls tossin’ their heels to dance barefoot; guys dancing to bachata together; the ACME staff secretly singing word-for-word to the tunes; liquor flowing like water; and ALL drunk in love w/the DJ! It’s private, sorry no pics!

Official Sonos Soca Flier

Event: “An Evening With Bunji Garlin

Companies: Sonos Studio (SONOS)

Type: By-Invite-Only

Location: (Sonos Studio) Los Angeles, CA

Brief Description: It rained, the 7-10p window was short, it was ‘cold’ (60F degrees) for Angelenos living in LA, but it never deterred the 200 or so by-invite-only guests — ranging from LA entertainment industry folks, music savvy tastemakers, bloggers and of course the Caribbean elite, who came to witness Sonos Studio‘s first-ever showcase of Soca music. Produced and w/music curated by DJ Pelau, Trinidadian artist Bunji Garlin was the artist of honor, while host actor/comedian Gerry Bednob (“40 Year-Old Virgin“) thrilled the audience for about 15 minutes for a just-as-entertaining Q&A before his performance! See a great synopsis video, pics and if U like reading, a great review of the night’s also here.


Event: “Wonderground Party

Guest DJ: dj pelau


Location: Bed-Vyne Brew (Bed-Stuy, BK)

Brief Description: DJ Pelau got a special invite from this Wonderground crew of true Brooklynites, to add his “exotic brush-strokes” to the neighborhood of creative-types, hipsters, the working class, family-in-town partyers n’ even overseas visitors. He’d even turn the heads of resident DJs Silence + Internal Affairs w/his hard-to-find mash-ups of dancehall, house n’ unreleased winners! On for less than 2hrs, DJ Pelau put his stamp on Bed-Stuy, home to notable shapers such as BDK, Chris Rock, Jay Z, Norah Jones n’ the one & only, Biggie. Talk about DJ’n on musical sacred ground…geezzzz!


Event: “It’s A School Night (NY)!”

Companies: Chris Douridas (KCRW), School Night!

Type: Public

Location: (Brooklyn Bowl) Brooklyn

Brief Description: On yet another Monday (November 24 — back to Brooklyn), DJ Pelau opened the SN session on a warmish winter night in BK that more seemed like a Fri/Sat eve — PACKED! He also spun in-between bands, playing an incredible assortment of delightful, high-energy indie, mash-ups n’ soulful house tunes — Kes amongst other notable musicians, even showed up to add to a night filled w/sparks n’ mischievous curiousities! @Brooklyn Bowl he rocked the socks off to many delightful ears! Pics HERE.


Event: “It’s A School Night (LA)!”

Companies: Chris Douridas (KCRW), School Night!

Type: Public

Location: (Bardot) H’wood

Brief Description: On yet another Monday (October 20 in LA), DJ Pelau spun in-between bands, playing an incredible assortment of delightful, high-energy indie n’ dance tunes — including a “BK-style” reggae set, freshly delivered from his new NYC home to LA! @Bardot was the spot! Always a welcomed guest DJ of the ‘School Night‘ fam, he rocked! Pics HERE.


Event: “It’s A School Night (NY)!”

Companies: Chris Douridas (KCRW) + MFG!

Type: Public

Location: (Brooklyn BowlWilliamsburg

Brief Description: My first Monday session in (Brooklyn) NY! On Sept 22, DJ Pelau opened the night, spinning a welcoming set as well as in between bands for Chris Douridas’ (KCRW) weekly School Night (NY) @Brooklyn Bowl. It’s not like NY would never be the same, but it does take one session to make one feel at home! Thanks to a great turnout for a Monday night, a fine variety of tunes spun to everyone’s delight n’ countless compliments eagerly awaitng his next gig, LA (Trini too) would’ve been SO proud.


Event: “It’s A School Night (LA)!”

Companies: Chris Douridas (KCRW), School Night!

Type: Public

Location: (BardotH’wood

Brief Description: For my final Monday session sob! sob! 😦 On August 25 in LA, DJ Pelau closed this sentimental farewell post-MTV Awards night, spinning the last 2hrs for Chris Douridas’ (KCRW) weekly School Night (LA) @Bardot. Marking the end of summertime before he left for NY, one session couldn’t compare to the various times he’s given joy throughout his ‘school night’ history of DJ sets over the last few years. Pics HERE!


Event: “Peek Away EP Release Party”

Artist: Destani Wolf

Type: By Invite Only

Location: Fifty Seven-Downstairs (DTLA)

Brief Description: DJ Pelau entertained listeners who settled around, while patronizing the bar sippin’ + minglin’ in DTLA’s newest speakeasy ‘Downstairs‘ (as part of the Fifty Seven Restaurant/Bar). Today was a special release party n’ live show for indie artist, Destani Wolf‘s Peek Away EP! This eve, the spotlight belonged to her, but DJ Pelau‘s job was to set the right vibe before, in between her sets n’ after, which he delivered on ALL.


Event: “It’s A School Night!”

Companies: Chris Douridas (KCRW), School Night!

Type: Public

Location: (BardotH’wood

Brief Description: For yet another Monday session on June 30, DJ Pelau had the pleasure of being part of yet another special night, spinning between all bands for Chris Douridas’ (KCRW) weekly School Night (LA)! @Bardot. Summertime is prime, w/a packed house of performances by the likes of — Fink (UK), SomeKindaWonderfulWhite Sea n’ Roméo Testa, that left him creating n’ curating music alongside Dj Moni + special guest DJ, Until The Ribbon Breaks, who closed adding to a superb night. Peep the pics HERE!


Event: “Sangria Sundays”

Companies: InTheMixLA

Type: Public

Location: Sofitel Hotel-LA

Brief Description: Every Sunday in summer, DJ Moni spins n’ sets the scene for some of the most ‘chocolate’ fun LA has every produced for Sangria Sundays! Invited to guest DJ, Pelau entertained listeners who lounged, sipped n’ mingled in the sexy Riviera Bar & Lounge of the Sofitel Hotel. Oh, a band (The Wylde Bunch) grooved too, inviting a surprise guest (T-Pain) who happened to be enjoying his VIP status in the back, to rock a few of his Top 40 hits, where everyone – including the bartender – sang word for word! All in all, the evening lasted hours as DJ Pelau continued his onslaught of house, hip-hop, reggae, mash-ups n’ the perfect lounge winners to last through the warm summer eve…


Event: “It’s A School Night!”

Companies: Chris Douridas (KCRW), School Night!

Type: Public

Location: (Bardot) H’wood

Brief Description: For yet another Monday session on May 12,  DJ Pelau had the pleasure of being part of yet another special night, spinning between all bands for Chris Douridas’ (KCRW) weekly School Night (LA)! @Bardot for half-hour sets in between live performances by the likes of — Strange Talk (Australia), Lincoln Jesser, Cheers Elephant n’ Jacob Snider, that left him spinning a plethora of different genres from house music to reggae, hip-hop to mash-ups, n’ the sweetest rock n’ roll. Pics HERE!



Companies: The World Beats

Type: Public

Location: East LA/Boyle Heights

Brief Description: Right about now, the weather is looking a bit more characteristic for this time of year here in the City of Angels, with a bit of rain and mild temperatures interspersed among days of blissful sunshine! Eastside Luv in Boyle Heights for this upcoming Ecléctica event was very excited to welcome LA music maven MR. MARLON REGIS aka ‘DJ PELAU‘ to their fold! His accomplishments speak for themselves, but they knew they’d love him for the incredible music that he shared and for the positive energy and smiles he always brings to the room! And love him they did, including the bartender, who kept dancing!


Event: “RE*TREAT

Companies: Wicked MGMT

Type: Public

Location: Los Angeles

Brief Description: Not even a year old, Re*Treat scooped up DJ Pelau for their new monthly dedicated to a place where judging becomes null+void, a place taking you back to the grooves of NYC’s famed “Paradise Garage” or “Studio 54“, a place where the tunes spun by the late, great Larry Levan shaped the city’s style, dance moves and soundtrack. It’s the 80s, it’s classics, it’s disco, it’s afrobeat, it’s soul, it’s funky house, it’s golden era hip-hop, it’s your sweat — LA owned it that night, thanks to DJ Pelau n’ DJ Space. And that’s because, the night’s theme went…MUSIC IS THE ANSWER!!


Event: “Bridges”

Companies: DP Sound

Type: Public

Location: Los Angeles

Brief Description: In it’s 11th year as a monthly staple throughout LA, DJ Pelau finally crossed Bridges. Despite technical difficulties in the beginning of making the transition from taking over from an over-zealous, turntable-hogging resident DJ before his set as the guest of honor, DJ Pelau didn’t disappoint for his short-but-sweet set, leaving the anxious crowd on dance floor asking to, “…just play one more, PLEASE?” Enjoy pics HERE!


Event: “It’s A School Night!”

Companies: Chris Douridas (KCRW), School Night!

Type: Public

Location: (Avalon) H’wood

Brief Description: For yet another Monday session on February 4, a post-Super Bowl weekend, DJ Pelau had the pleasure of being part of a special night, spinning between all bands for Chris Douridas‘ (KCRW) weekly School Night! It was the BIGGEST ever — so big, it was held @Avalon instead of its customary, more intimate venue @Bardot! His half-hour sets in between live performances by the likes of some of indie soul, rock n’ chillwave’s best, namely — Moses Sumney, Gavin Turek, Miriam Bryant n’ Evan Mellows, saw him this time commanding the main stage overlooking the now-dancing PACKED (800 strong!) house in attendance. From his groovy reggae selections, to those house remixes we all adore, n’ from that dusty soul to even a bit of current hip-hop, Monday night’s energy inside this H’wood landmark, simply sweltered. Pics HERE!


Event: “Afro Funké 10 Year Grand Finalé!”

Companies: KCRW & Afro Funké

Type: Public

Location: Santa Monica

Brief Description: Despite unexpected showers earlier that day, tonight in Santa Monica, outside the club known as Zanzibar, there was a huge line-up of 100’s of folks anxious to get inside for the “Grand Finalé” of Afro Funké – a Thursday night weekly dedicated to music ranging from afro-house, cumbia, afro-beat, salsa, soca, reggae, dancehall and the list goes on, ending it’s historic 10-year run. Tonight had a creative twist. Invite LA’s best DJs — about 30 of them, asking each to play 2 of their favorite cuts. DJ Pelau came on in primetime, just after 11p as the club swelled to its limit, still with a line wrapped around the corner of 5th n’ Arizona. Many never got in. But even outside seemed festive, as Food Trucks and a gathering of like-minded peeps hung out to celebrate a night that brought meaning to their lives throughout LA’s diverse populace. His set was said to lift off the highest energy of this milestone night, so much that resident DJs Jeremy Sole n’ Glenn Red asked him to bang-in 2 MORE jams, totaling 4 songs for his incredible set. Pics HERE!

ABLA invite

Event: “Art Bar Los Angeles Opening + Launch Party!”

Companies: Iconic Immortals & Whimsical Wimzikel

Type: Public

Location: Echo Park

Brief Description: Echo Park never looked so happening tonight, as the Art Bar Los Angeles opening + launch got underway on a cold Saturday night! Spinning a set in the gallery, DJ Pelau also closed the night in the lovely-lit courtyard outside later on, DJing from inside an ice cream truck! The crowd? Artsy. The energy? Mellow, intoxicated and peacefully creative. Those mug-shots were cool to take too! Just the right type of vibes needed to complete a successful premiere party for the launch of a creative space for the ‘eastside’ of LA. But welcoming ALL types, of course. Check pics HERE!


Event: “It’s A School Night!”

Companies: Chris Douridas (KCRW), School Night!

Type: Public

Location: H’wood

Brief Description: For another session on November 11, spinning between all bands for Chris Douridas‘ (KCRW) weekly School Night!DJ Pelau retained the heat he brought from his earlier summer session of selections, once again @Bardot! With his half-hour sets in between live performances, the focus of the crowd away from the main stage turned towards him. From his hand-picked mash-ups, to unique yet familiar house music refixes, Monday night’s energy inside this H’wood swank-spot now seemed like the perfect extension of the long weekend, a *sound* salute on Veteran’s Day. Check pics HERE!

StudioVII-dj pelau


Companies: Studio VII

Type: Private

Location: West LA

Brief Description: DJ Pelau, graced the intimate atmosphere w/his selective tunes for the grand opening of Sura xx’sStudio VII in West LA. The 99% female guests enjoyed cocktails, champagne and small bites, as other vendors thrilled them w/free manicures, hairdos and raffle prizes! DJ Pelau kept the music simple: sexy, light & just right.

The GMO Show

Event: “For L.A. by L.A. – The GMO Show”

Companies: Coup StreetMcLogan, The Non-GMO Project!

Type: Public

Location: DTLA

Brief Description: DJ Pelau, spinning on a rooftop alongside other LA turntable maestros for the (live) graffiti artists, selected diverse music under the sun (literally) to inspire creativity sprayed across the McLogan walls! The healthiest food trucks assembled amongst several other street fashion vendors on display as his 2-hour set of music sparked the DTLA atmosphere. The street-art enthusiasts n’ health conscious others spent yet another Saturday, spiritually + visually nourished. Check out pics from the event HERE!


Event: “It’s A School Night!”

Companies: Chris Douridas (KCRW), School Night!

Type: Public

Location: H’wood

Brief Description: As the main selector on July 1, spinning between all bands for Chris Douridas‘ (KCRW) weekly School Night! – DJ Pelau turned up the summer heat inside the H’wood hotspot, Bardot! His music selections within a few songs built a crowd onto the dancefloor away from where the (live) bands performed, quickly creating dual entertainment for the PACKED house on this hot summer night in LA. His half-an-hour DJ-sets in between performances competitively teased n’ directed the ‘in’ crowd away from their focus on the main stage, fulfilling an appetite for more partying, mingling n’ good vibez continuing the weekend fun, on a Monday night – a School Night! Check pics HERE!

For LA by LA

Event: “For L.A. by L.A.”

Companies: Coup Street, McLogan, Jarittos

Type: Public

Location: DTLA

Brief Description: DJ Pelau, spinning from inside the Jarrittos Food Truck curated music for the (live) local creative graffiti artists to hip-hop beats, reggae mash-ups n’ everything in-between. Before the event’s doors even opened, there was a line-up of enthusiasts wrapped around the corner. Once the BBQ smoke, many booths on display n’ the music opened up to spark the atmosphere, the doors welcomed a true ‘street’ festival of artists, street-art enthusiasts n’ others, ready to spend their Saturday amongst like-minded folks. Pics!


Event: “MOPLA Closing Gala & LIVE Auction”

Company: Lucie Foundation, MOPLA & LA Times Photography, Video+Multimedia

Type: Private

Location: H’wood

Brief Description: DJ Pelau, atop the newly renovated Siren Studios rooftop overlooking Sunset Blvd and the H’wood Hills, rocked ‘familiar’ mash-up-blends of Fleetwood Mac to Sting over hip-hop beats. Providing the perfect atmosphere in spring for MOPLA’s 7-10p ‘Closing Party’, his earlier set of lounge music prior to the live auction piped into the room below for guests enjoying complimentary Tito’s Handmade Vodka cocktails, Lagunitas Beer and appetizers by Bread & Butter catering. All the invited tastemakers, artful aficionados and industry-insiders also enjoyed the evening by posing for their shots taken in the Los Angeles Times Photography, Video+Multimedia photo booth…


Event: “Official MOPLA Event: Wish You Were Here

Company: Lucie Foundation & MOPLA

Type: Public

Location: ‘DTLA’

Brief Description: With the sound-curator vibes provided by DJ Pelau, DTLA rocked @MOPLA’sWish You Were Here photo-postcard show from 7-10p. Music ranged from the lounge remixes of Emeli Sandé, to the up-tempo energy of Major Lazer, while the artful crowd purchased their postcard of choice, snail-mailing it right from the pop-up gallery!!


Event: “Official MOPLA Event: Loss – The LA Auto Dealership Series

Company: Lucie Foundation & MOPLA

Type: Public

Location: ‘DTLA’

Brief Description: The concept’s not so hard to imagine. Car dealerships, w/out the cars! But w/the variety of sounds provided by DJ Pelau, these photos mostly depicting a ‘lack’ or a ‘loss’, came to life as the minds of the young n’ old passing through on a warm Friday night, became alive! As part of MOPLA’sLoss – The LA Auto Dealership Series happening DTLA from 7-10p, drinks and conversation blended w/an intoxication of beats n’ flicks…


Event: “LeRoy Jenkins Pop-Up Shop”

Company: LeRoy Jenkins Limited

Type: Public

Location: West Hollywood, CA

Brief Description: It’s a wonder how not many folks know of this one-of-a-kind street brand, the first modern street brands to confidently plaster floral prints for men. For 3 days on an Easter weekend, w/beats, grooves + sounds provided by DJ Pelau @Legend’sBarbershop,LeRoy Jenkins gave their fans an opportunity on Fairfax – in that hipster heaven strip – to jump off their iPad, smartphone or PC, to physically shop at a Pop-Up Shop for some LJ gear, a brand even Jay-Z seems to ditch his own to wear.



Company: Lacoste & Los Angeles Magazine

Type: Public

Location: Costa Mesa, CA

Brief Description: Happy Holiday shopping wouldn’t be the same w/out music, especially by the sounds provided by DJ Pelau, who spun @South Coast Plaza’sLacoste Store from 2-6p, playing everything festive n’ w/great doses of energy for patrons swiping that plastic or unfolding their rolls of ca$h on that hectic Saturday before Xmas!

Event: “Wine Into Water”

Company: The Thirst Project

Type: Public

Location: Hollywood, CA

Brief Description: The Thirst Project’s gala to encourage donations to increase clean water supply to those in need across the world. Held @The Avenue in H’wood, there were 20 wineries on hand, treating over 200 attendees to the best reds, whites n’ bubblies. Oh, of course the beer brews were flowing too, and so were the sounds provided by DJ Pelau, who spun poolside from 6-10p, diving into everything from drum n’ bass, to 80s funk, to freestyle n’ hip-hop, to delightful sexy soulful house, lounge n’ other perfect wine-tasting gems of even more intoxication! What an incredible evening, n’ for a great cause!

Event: “Cameron Talent Agency Launch Party”

Company: Cameron Talent Agency

Type: Private

Location: Venice, CA

Brief Description: Cameron Talent Agency celebrates their 2-year anniversary by the ocean, literally. The exclusive invitation for this private event @Focus Studios went out to all of their talented clients of actors, comedians, recording artists, on-camera n’ off-camera personnel, w/a sponsored bar of vodka cocktails, incredibly catered appetizers n’ of course music provided by DJ Pelau, who at times turned the volume up to some Rick Ross  n’ earlier set the atmosphere w/some beachside grooves of RHYE

Event: “Rubix Hollywood”

Company: Los Angeles Magazine & Rubix Hollywood

Type: Private

Location: Hollywood, CA

Brief Description: Los Angeles Magazine hosted the official opening of Rubix Hollywood – a luxury style private residential complex – by throwing an exclusive poolside bash, w/the edible help n’ entertainment from The FoundryGeisha HouseBurger Lounge n’ of course music provided by DJ Pelau, smoothing-out the soundtrack of poolside grooves, sexy house music, ‘back-N-times’ soul & funk, while special invited guests out-ate each other, sipped cucumber mojitos, amongst other cocktails for a lovely warm spring evening…

Event: “Private Industry Showcase – Kes The Band

Company: Questionmark Entertainment & Sayers Club

Type: Private

Location: Hollywood, CA

Brief Description: In the heart of Hollywood, hosted by Questionmark Entertainment, Sayers Club’s Jason ScoppaDJ PelauDana Shayegan and sponsored by Angostura Rum,  Kes The Band from Trinidad & Tobago put on an incredible showcase of their island pop originals, classic covers n’ of course – energizing soca music – much to the ultimate delight of a mostly music industry crowd of professional publicists, music execs, Djs, producers, press n’ the list goes on.

Event: “The Mediterranean Collection”

Company: Zanne Jewelry

Type: Public

Location: Eleven Sound Studios Santa Monica, CA

Brief Description: Downtown Santa Monica got some sparkling jewelry added to its surroundings, n’ DJ Pelau wasted no time in beautifully decorating the atmosphere w/musical gems that can only be described as ‘pretty’. Guests sipped on U’Luvka Vodka cocktails, while the Pnut Butter Bar food truck laid in the cut outside welcoming the majority of females entering the swanky Eleven Sound Studios!

Event: “Divine Denim After Dark”

Company: St. John

Type: Private

Location: Beverly Hills, CA (Beverly Hills Boutique)

Brief Description: To help launch their new St. John’s denim line, Dj Pelau provided the ultimate old school soundtrack of funk, soul and ‘familiar’ house grooves to entertain (and help make shop til they drop) a very high-end type of clientele, who helped make the store reach a milestone mark of $100,000 in sales, just for that one day during the event.Sipping champagne, plum red martinis and even milkshake shots with a straw, the music and atmosphere was set for the ultimate in Beverly Hills pompousness as ladies strutted, pampered their poodles and kept the credit cards swiping…

Event: E T R O

Company: Bloomingdale’s, Los Angeles Magazine & E T R O
Type: Public
Location: Santa Monica Place (Santa Monica, CA)
Brief Description: 3-hour atmospheric DJ set for the debut of E T R O’s men’s clothing in Bloomingdale’s. The afternoon shopping soiree w/cocktails n’ savory bites, all as DJ Pelau provided the soundtrack to coax folks into mingling, admiring and possibly purchasing items getting an early start on Holiday gift-shopping. 100’s of customers – including an ironic disproportion of women in the Men’s Department, made this one-time event successful as the beat goes on…

Event: “Summer On The Plaza 2011”

Company: Brookfield Properties
Type: Public
Location: Downtown, Los Angeles (Fig+7th Plaza)
Brief Description: Opening DJ set for the last evening in a series of weekly events for “Summer On The Plaza”. And in-between Brooklyn, NY singer/songwriter Amber Rubarth, and internationally renown South African soul/world singer/songwriter LIRA, DJ Pelau provided the soundtrack to that Friday-after-work-feel-good spirit that many in the corporate network, need to unwind. Previous weeks before, the series showcased other artists & DJs such as Leela James, Mike Phillips, Vikter Duplaix and others…

Company: Bacchanal Events & Soul for Soles, Inc.
Type: Public
Location: Venice, California (The Del Monte Speakeasy/The Townhouse)
Brief Description: Co-hosting together w/ Italian international singer/songwriter Amana Melome, Dj Pelau and his co-hostess put together a benefit night to raise funds and gather ‘lightly’ used shoes from guests to provide for the global initiative Soul for Soles, w/ the help from other Los Angeles-based independent artists such as Joshua Silverstein, The Soul of John Black, Paola Jean, Juakali and Anne Montone

Event: “Downtown Film Festival – Los Angeles”
Company: DFFLA
Type: Private/Public
Location: Downtown Los Angeles, California (AT&T Center)
Brief Description: As part of the first ever Downtown Los Angeles Film Festival, which turned out to be a huge success, thanks to the help of sponsors and supporters such as the Grammy Museum, AT&T Center, Coca Cola, Kodak, Fox Entertainment Group, Smart Water, Illy and many others, Dj Pelau provided the right tunes spinning in the exclusive Cinema Lounge – “City of Angels at Views from the Los Angeles Avant-Garde” for after-party screenings and after-party panel discussions throughout the night…

11 April 2008: Guess One World One Brand Meetings 2008 at the Beverly Hilton. DJ Bob Sinclair and DJ Pelau. Cocktail Chic, dancing and candids.

Event: “One World One Brand”

Company: Guess, Inc?
Type: Private
Location: Beverly Hills, California (Beverly Hills Hilton)
Brief Description: Opening up and spinning alongside world famous French music maestro/dj/producer Bob Sinclair for Guess, Inc’s annual One World One Brand, an international company event attracting all of Guess’ top execs, fashion designers and key foreign-based licensees from the US, Canada, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, South & Central America…

Event: “Fashion Empire – Mood Indigo (2009) + “The Art Of Glamour (2010)” 
Company: Art Institute of California – Inland Empire
Type: Private/Public

Location: Rancho Cucamonga, California (Victoria Gardens Cultural Center)
Brief Description: As the music designer for this new annual fashion show, and providing the ‘party atmosphere’ music afterwards throughout the entire evening in the VIP room, Dj Pelau provides the perfect musical atmosphere indoors, outdoors or ‘behind closed doors’ spinning an assortment of chill-out beats, soul, lounge and house music for invited dignitaries – including the mayor – and other specially invited guests, students, and contestants’ families while belly-dancers, cirque performances, an open bar, open buffet, not to mention sponsorship by the likes of Verizon, Red Bull, Smart Water and much more, round off a night of fashion, art and music…

Event: “Art + Fashion = 7 For All Mankind”Event: “Summer Beach Bash”
Company: 7 For All Mankind
Type: Public
Location: LA, California (Robertson Blvd) & Malibu, California (Malibu Country Mart)
Brief Description: Spinning tunes for 7 For All Mankind, Robertson Blvd store’s + Spring & Fall 2009 Launches respectively, during the day (store hours) from 2-5p while guests shopped, mingled and socialized checking out 7’s new spring/fall line for 2009, helping themselves to champagne, chocolate covered strawberries, hot dogs, face-painting, snowcones and of course, listening to the perfect soundscapes for the afternoon, by yours truly…

Event: “Le Royal”
Company: Royal Elastics & Leroy Jenkins
Type: Public
Location: Downtown Los Angeles, California (Crewest Gallery)
Brief Description: Sneaker Launch party for Royal Elastics & Leroy Jenkins partnering a fusion-sneaker called, Le Royal. Really cool, hip-hop hipster scene of graphic designers, tastemakers, fashion-forward personnel attended, as well as Leroy Jenkins owners and designers themselves who flew out from NYC, Ron J Upperman and Pen (also the brainchildren behind Gatorade’s “G” campaign)…

EVENT: Miles Regis Pop Up Holiday Extravaganza!

COMPANY: Edition One Hundred

TYPE: Public

LOCATION: Downtown Los Angeles (LOFT)

Brief Description: 2011 Holiday Season Downtown Los Angeles ArtWalk event, featuring artist Miles Regis, from 7-10p w/Dj Pelau providing the soundtrack of multiple genres of music for guests, art elite and tastemakers sipping on Tres Sietes Tequila, and staring at the walls of immaculate art pieces mounted in a sort of 3-D visual appreciation, sculpture effect. The evening went on past 10p, closer to midnight w/almost all of the MusicSkins available for purchase – SOLD OUT!

Event: “Force Fields”
Type: Public
Location: Santa Monica, California (Converting A Church For A Cause!)
Brief Description: Providing the soundtrack to the art exhibit of over 30 artists who donated pieces of their works specially geared towards the theme of combating malaria in Africa, and the event proved so successful that it not only raised thousands of dollars, the event n’ exhibit may even travel overseas to continue efforts for this great cause…

Event: “Runway Boutique Fashion Shows”

Company: Runway Boutique

Location: Los Angeles, CA (Miracle Mile/Downtown LA)

Brief Description: Every quarter, for the last 4 years, Runway Boutique – one of LA’s hidden vintage store secrets that most women who’ve discovered it would like it to remain so – has held fashion shows with themes influenced and based around classic movies from Bonnie & Clyde, Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Breakin’, to the political climate and seasonal climate. Dj Pelau can boast proudly that he’s given the models and onlookers the soundtrack from the very first fashion show, to the ‘ongoing’ last on past. Expect mind-blowing models, celebrities and up and coming designers, hairstylists, make-up artists and an owner that’s so in-tuned with fashion, DJ Pelau’s music always compliments…

Event: Create Fixate – “Down To Earth
Company: Create Fixate
Type: Public
Location: Hollywood, California (Studio Loft – Hollywood Blvd)
Brief Description: Spinning for one of, if not LA’s premier Art, Fashion Design, Photography & Visual shows, occurring bi-monthly for the last six years at various locations. Usually attracts thousands of dedicated artists of all types from actors like Sean Penn and politicians like Al Gore, as well as activists, fashion stylists, costume designers and fans of all various categories of art…

Event: “One City, Many Destinations”

Company: City Magazine

Type: Private

Location: Silver Lake, California (BelleVarado Studios)
Brief Description: Spinning for City Magazine’s (Los Angeles) gala, celebrating their annual One City, Many Destinations photo contest and annual travel photography competition, sponsored by W Hotels, Smart Water, EBoost and Peroni of Italy. Key LA-based, yet well-traveled personalities in the photography, fashion and music industry attended to network, celebrate, party and enjoy the festivities…

Event: “Afro Funké”
Type: Public
Location: Santa Monica, California (Zanzibar)
Brief Description: Featured guest deejay over the last 3 years, about 2-3 times a year. A crowd favorite, Dj Pelau has all the tricks in his bag of goodies, for this particularly diverse, international crowd, always being asked to rejuvenate the dancefloor year after year. Other featured guest deejays from New York’s Dj Spinna, to Philly’s Rich Medina, to Germany’s Bozoo Bajou and artists dropping in to add to the energy such as Stevie Wonder, Prince, Rocky Dawuni and more…

Event: “27th, 28th, 29th & 30th Annual Sunset Junction”

Company: Los Angeles County and I&I Mobile Sound System

Type: Public

Location: Silverlake, California (Street Festival + Block Party)

Brief Description: 50,000 visitors support this increasingly popular street festival and block party tagged as “LA’s biggest celebration of diversity”, filled with over 5 stages, games & rides, arts & food, and non-profit outreach. Over these years the festival featured popular artists such as Bad Brains, Fishbone, Big Daddy Kane, Ben Harper, Sam Moore, Black Keys, Jodi Watley, Antibalas, Stephanie Mills, Jeffrey Osborne, J*Davey, Beck, Elliot Smith, Sister Nancy, Sly & Robbie, Les Nubians and more, I’ve spun in 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010 as part of the  Sanborn Stage as well as the I&I Mobile Sound System for the block party, for 2-3 hour sets in between stage performances, to the frolicking crowds dancing throughout the streets…

3-YEAR RESIDENCY: “Gateway Near Heaven”

Type: Public

Location: Downtown Los Angeles, California (The Standard Hotel “rooftop bar & pool”)

Brief Description: 3 years residency on the Rooftop Bar @ The Standard Hotel, downtown Los Angeles, where a chic, unique “pretty” crowd came to frolic, romp, swim, tan, star-sight, network, relax and chill at this prestigious daytime and nighttime hang out. Known as one of LA’s top bars, Dj Pelau periodically invited guests from LA’s own Groove Junkies, to overseas artists off the German label Echo Beach to spin alongside his night, and star sightings are too numerous to all mention, but Snoop Dogg, Britney Spears, Idris Elba, Dale Earnhardt, Jr and many others have been spotted…

Event: “Omar Listening Party”

Company: Ether Records

Type: Private

Location: West Hollywood, California (The Standard Hotel – Sunset Blvd)
Brief Description: Hosting, and setting the atmosphere right and supporting British soul royalty, Omar, who performed for just one of two listening parties throughout his United States tour, promoting his then upcoming LP, Sing (if you want it), where namesakes such as Vikter Duplaix, Garth Trinidad as well as many actors (J. August Richards), models (Rodney Charles) and many industry folks supported…

Event: “Spacek Listening Party”

Company: Sound in Color

Type: Public/Private

Location: Downtown Los Angeles, California (The Standard Hotel “rooftop bar & pool”)

Brief Description: Setting the atmosphere right for underground UK nu soul/funk outfit, Spacek, who also performed, for his listening party for his then, upcoming LP, Space Shift. An underground, yet forward-fashion and progressive soul music scene saw Los Angeles underground musicians such as J*DaVeyKim Hill and Channel2 in attendance…

Event: “South Beach-DDI” 

Company: Questionmark Entertainment + Gateway Near Heaven

Type: Private/Public

Location: Monos Island, Trinidad (CLICO Mansion)

Brief Description: Main ‘foreign’ talent/dj for the first annual South Beach ‘down-di-islands’ event organized by Questionmark Entertainment, a production, film and management company, based in Los Angeles and Port-of-Spain (Trinidad). This day-into-night event included 300 folks on the main island being transported via water-taxi to 15 minutes away near Venezuela, to a plush mansion pool party that saw U.S. adult stars Hannah Harper and Keylani Lei, as well as bartenders from The Standard Hotel ‘rooftop bar’ all flown-in to Trinidad, alongside local artists Kes The Band, for one of the most exotic island parties yet…